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Universal Language Translator

Universal Language Translator

Centralized System for the translation of multilingual applications and websites

Making an application to support the translation of multilingual sites. The support should extend to all file types and languages ​​(C, C + +, PHP, TAF, ASP, TXT, XML) The application must be easy to integrate programs and interfaced with the machine translation systems. Ability to have people even outside the company, with permits to access only specific areas of translation.

The road traveled is that of replication in any language to the Application / pages, so you have a native origin and therefore higher performance. In a multilingual website translations can be directly in the code / pages or in a database: it was a system of plugins to integrate server-side in order to centralize all the translations.

ULT is a complete system for the control of translation. Relate to each phrase, which are to be translated, who translated them, which are used, what applications / pages containing the phrase. The amendment of an application table of the phrases is updated and vice versa to change the application of the phrase in the language that contain update. ULT prevende encoding in multiple formats (eg ISO, utf-8, SQL, Javascript, Witango, C / C + +) to facilitate the integration with the code.
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