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Automates all the processes of managing documents that need a signature.

Based on our experience in developing solutions for logistics, we have developed a software that can revolutionize the current printing systems transport documents Every business, investing time and resources in this simple activity:. Operator prints the DDT. Operator delivery to the carrier. Operator stores the signed document. Operator manually research paper document translated in man hours, all this represents a major cost, the goal is to transfer costs and times by the carrier. In this way we obtain a greater production efficiency and a significant reduction in printing costs.

Sentinel application can intercept spooling native. Directly on the db management used by the customer. Conversion of the print spool in pdf document. Graphical interface to enable the signing of the single carrier or multiple carriers. Checking the status of competency Signed. Printed. Sending the document on totem for digital signature Enter the signed document directly to the printer With the possibility of stapling or booklet-automatic, if the hardware allows immediate storage of the document on the web server owned by the client or in the cloud

Our customers have found, starting from the first month of activity with this solution, an immediate cost savings and the real possibility to manage an increase in shipping volumes without a corresponding increase in human resources. Knockdowns of the costs of office dedicated to the generation of documents. Release of the process of seasonal staff Certified signature Tidied the mailroom Optimized Storage Internal Enhanced customer service