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Application for Management Studies Photography

The project was created with the intention of creating an application "different" for photographic studios, designed to handle large volumes of photos and orders. The main objective of the application is not to do photo retouching ( are countless programs on the market) , but rather to provide a tool for sales and organization of the product " photography". In detail : - Acquire and catalog pictures quickly . - Process so massive and rapid images: self-level , autosaturazione , cutter in sequence to shots of the images - Multi Cataloging : through the use of labels and numbered consecutively. - Synchronize your website / e- commerce effettuuare post- sale - Desktop tapida for selecting and storing them in an order of the photos in connection with thermal printer. - Optimization with a print server for connecting one or several sublimation printers . Improve shooting, fast track a subject, in order to enter and print , are the basic priorities of the program.

Imagine is a powerful and comprehensive management program for the sale of digital photographs. And 'structured so as to allow a complete organization, effective, efficient, and customized large volumes of photographs. You can catalog, edit and manage orders in a store quickly and intuitively. Post the photos (protected) on a portal and then manage an e-commerce with different formats.

Particularly suitable for managing events and event, Imagine is the application that allows you to manage and catalog thousands of photos and make them immediately available for purchase both in the store that on.line.