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Rapid Image Processor

Rapid Image Processor

Rapid processing system for images

Making a server-side application to enhance, resize, and protect images on the server side. When it comes to a picture without knowing the provenance you have several issues: the size may be different, such as weight, or the picture itself may be of poor quality. In some cases it may be "marked" to limit the "theft" by third parties. Often for reasons related to the layout of the pages, the images must have defined sizes beyond the original size.

With the increase of visits a website has abandoned the model of creating the initial on-fly and you chose the one-off processing on the server side to the inclusion of each new image, with the creation, starting from the orignal photo, thumbnails (semi-) required for optimal viewing of the site. The application is developed with very fast algorithms for resampling photos linear, bilinear or lanczos. There are several parts written in assembler to make the most of the instructions of the microprocessor. Automatically corrects color, improves the image, adjust the levels and save the finished product. Reads and writes the formats JPG, GIF and PNG. Manages programmed profiles for advanced image fusion with programmable opacity. Remember the dependencies of the original photos in the event of cancellation or reconstruction. Therefore provides support to applications on the server for the perfect photo management and integrates with easyhand web.

Every day thousands of photos are processed with this application. Mondialbroker only has about 2 and a half million photos generated and maintained by this algorithm. Often the pictures are faster to download and more beautiful than the original. It has generally improved in the consumption of bandwidth and speed of navigation of the site in general. At every moment the web site designers can add a "format" in the profile and the system automatically regenerates the thumbnails.
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