And not 'the species more' intelligent to survive and even the more strong.
It's the 'most ready' to change.
Charles Darwin
  1. If you do this at first hand, the computer is useless.
  2. In programming, the first solution which seems the simplest is always the worst.
  3. Because it is often the simplest to the programmer, not for the machine.
  4. Standards, especially in computer science, there are no .... except ASCII (but also on what we have doubts).
  5. The standard is usually decided by common sense and by the market, never by a Body: these merely notify the existence.
  6. The text of the standard as the law, is to free interpretation by the working groups and then applied in a different way each time.
  7. The majority of the technologies that we use today are based on technologies invented in the years 70/80
  8. Over time they have changed the speed and volumes, but the algorithms are always the same.
  9. The term developer usually indicates an aggregator of things written by third parties of which ignores the operation and content.
  10. And 'it becomes so because it is a body tired, fragile, distracted (must always think) and therefore easy to handle.
  11. Always be wary of the last technological innovations and choose to leave the market: the flop and technologies disappeared, they are countless.
  12. The risk is high, you can create a project with a technology that after 6 months, no longer exists.
  13. This was said already in Microsoft courses in 1998 during the economic boom.
  14. Marketing is the main responsible for the freezing of the speed of computers.
  15. And 'incomprehensible mathematically that in thirty years of progress, the sensation of speed of processing, remained the same with computers 20 times faster.
  16. Our goal is to try to make the most of the machines, using the fewest possible resources.
  17. Normally this is not the goal of the new systems development: see choices dictated by marketing.
  18. The 'legacy technology is the main obstacle of technological innovation.
  19. This concept is part of the backward compatibility with the past of all technological systems, existing infrastructures and obsolete 'inability to replace these with the new technology.
  20. An example? Emails that work to 7bit., Spam, but also the architecture of the PC, analog television, etc ...
  21. The programming system definitive does not exist.
  22. Not because we can not do, but because no one has a commercial interest to do so.
  23. The development systems are all affected by the marketing of multinational corporations and as such have a limited life-cicle, lately very low.
  24. Do not consider this factor is dangerous: it seriously conceivable recreation of the entire project within two years.
  25. Each company that provides a development system tends to retain seperatly developers and to hide as much as possible the possibility of porting on other platforms.
  26. This is a benefit only for the company that provides the development system: it never is for the developer.
  27. Acting in this way ensures a pool of users who may become potential competitors.
  28. Having access to a few million lines of source is the equivalent of not having it at all.
  29. The majority of sources and examples that can be found on the Internet, do not work or work poorly.
  30. Because the majority of published code are made by beginners. Like most explanations.
  31. Be wary of what you read, it is not entirely true.
  32. Internet is vital to study the new code, but you always need to control and often of a correction, before putting it into production.
  33. Not fundamentalist: only Windows, Linux only, only Apple.
  34. Each system has its positives and negatives. The important thing is to try to understand what they are, how to use them without prejudice.
  35. The unit of measurement is the smallest bit and that we work mainly, lately you tend to forget.
  36. Not because we are Ligurian, but why is the information faster to deal with microprocessors.
  37. Avoid using a single byte useless, being thrifty is a cure and increase the overall performance: less memory, more speed running, less traffic, less employment disk, less processing, less occupied bandwidth.
  38. It 'a simple rule but it is extremely efficient. Google teaches.